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Free Instagram Followers



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🎁Earn money with Follow, Like or Comments




Easy to use
✅High rewards
✅Earn daily interest






- Follow / SUb 
- Like
- Comment
- Watch






- YoutubE 
- Instagram 
 - Twitter 
- Traffic (just visit website)









Claim every hour

✅Faucet, PTC, Offers, Videos
✅Earn a 1% loyalty bonus for every consecutive day you are active.
✅Earn daily interest





💰Min. withdraw: 30,000 Coins (~3$) 
💳Paying Directly to Crypto wallet
⌛️Payment processing: 24-47 hours
✅NO Transaction fee



Binance 🔗
➜ Coinbase 🔗



 - Bitcoin




Discover an exciting way to earn money through social media engagement with FanSlave. Our platform allows users to make money by simply clicking "Like" on advertised pages on various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube.

While FanSlave is not available in Italian, it offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience with a welcoming design, ensuring users stay in control of their earnings.


Why Promote FanSlave?

  • High Earning Potential: With over 1 million subscribers on Facebook, FanSlave offers a unique opportunity to monetize the world's most popular social platform.
  • Quick Payouts: FanSlave provides PayPal payouts when you reach $15.00, and with the conversion rate of 1 credit equal to $0.005, you can accumulate credits swiftly.
  • Referral System: Maximize your earnings with FanSlave's referral system. Invite friends and earn 15% of their earnings. The more friends you invite, the more money you can make.


How to Earn Money with FanSlave

Here's an example to explain how FanSlave works: Imagine you want to increase the number of fans on your Facebook page. You turn to FanSlave and pay €50.00 to receive subscribers. Of this amount, let's say €10.00 goes to FanSlave as their fee, and the remaining €40.00 is invested in 1,000 paid links worth $0.04 each (or 8 credits).

As you click "Like" on various Facebook pages, you earn up to 8 credits (equivalent to 4 cents or €0.04). With approximately a dozen or more pages available each day, your daily earnings can add up, and you can reach your €15.00 payout quickly.



Referral Bonuses

FanSlave also offers an incredible opportunity to invite other members and receive 15% of the credits they earn. For instance, if you have 20 referrals, and they click on 20 "Likes" each day, your monthly earnings can significantly increase, allowing you to earn even more.



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